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clayclai on YouTube #4 [DVD]

By admin - Posted on 31 March 2011

on YouTube #4

DVD Contents
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Secret US Intel on Mid East Revealed
Secret US Intel on Mid East Revealed At the White House Press Briefing today Friday, 25 February 2011 Press Secretary Jay Carney inadvertently reveals the top secret source of CIA intelligence on North Africa and the Middle East. [1:23]
Eqypt & Tunisia News 2011-01-28
Eqypt & Tunisia News 2011-01-28 France24 5:30am pst report for 2011-01-28 on Egypt and Tunisia [1:39]

Tunisia 24/01/11 France24
Tunisia 24/01/11 France24 This Monday morning in Tunis, thousands of protesters joined hundreds that had violated the curfew and camped out overnight in front of the PM's Headquarters. They are demanding that he step down. There is reportedly a cabinet re-shuffling underway but there is also a demand that the current interim government be replaced by a council of elders.
But the there is more tension in the air of Tunis this morning because the police have set up barricades around the PM Headquarters and aren't letting people in or out thus cutting office the protesters there. [1:39]

Helicopter Killing in Two Wars
Helicopter Killing in Two Wars  The US first used helicopters to kill civilians during the Vietnam War. Forty years later they are still committing these war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tunisia Report 26/01/11 France24
Tunisia Report 26/01/11 France24 This is from the France24  7:30 pst broadcast of recent events in Tunisia. [1:26]

North Africa News 27/01/11 France24
North Africa News 27/01/11 France24 This is the 6:30am pst  27-01-11 report of France24 on events in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. [5:48]
Libya Protests Explained
Libya Protests Explained Frustrations over corruption and incompetence in government housing schemes for poor families spills over into protests across the country. January 14, 2011 [4:11]
Anonymous Op Algeria
Anonymous Op Algeria The Algerian government imposes, upon its own citizens, intolerable restrictions on their basic liberties. The Algerian government hides the truth from its citizens and denies them free expression and access to information. Let's call for an end to censorship. [3:22]
Algeria Revolt and Anonymous Support
Algeria Revolt and Anon Support This morning France24 reported on the new uprisings in Algeria and the support Anonymous is giving this. [1:35]
Amy Harmzawy Interview
Amy Harmzawy Interview Al Jazeera report on 2011-01-27 on events in North Africa and has a very informative interview with Amy Mamzawi[5:24]
People's Victory Party
The Night of the Diva's This party is now legend but the facts are that on Saturday, May 22, 2010 Hal Fairchild opened his Culver City home to a Fundraiser for the Linux Beach documentary production of Vietnam: People's Victory. The party was a great success. More than $1200 was raised for the project and most importantly, a good time was had by all. [10:24]

Helen Thomas vs Ari Fleischer

Helen Thomas vs Ari Fleischer In one of her many fine moments, veteran  White House reporter Helen Thomas squares off with Press Secretary Ari Fleischer at a White House Press Conference and is then backed up by Terry Moran, showing the influence she had on some of the younger correspondents.

We Remember King 2011

We Remember King 2011 Members of the We Remember King, social Justice and anti-war contingents march in the Kingdom Day Parade Monday, January 17, 2011 [3:39]
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