Should I change the name?

By Autumn Cadre - Posted on 11 June 2008

Having largely produced Vietnam: American Holocaust, I now turn to marketing it. I was talking with Monsour at the Jeremy Scahill event on Monday and he said don't market it, don't even use that terminology, just concentrate on getting information out to people. At the time I thought that was a good approach, now I think that's wrong. I want this film mainly seen by the people who are likely to vote for McCain, not
just the choir. Now my Cannes rep, Juri Kroll,  has come back from the film festival with his feedback.

He thinks I need a more modern graphics package for movie posters, DVD case and title sequence because this is what draws people in [or not].
That I can easily agree with as I'm not terribly satisfied with what I got now. I've been struggling with poster designs this week. The main question is what design and from where. So if you know any graphics designers will to work on this please let me know.

He also thinks the current title "Vietnam: American Holocaust" will immediately turn off a lot people like his parents since they will see it as anti-American and they won't want to watch it. I also see the need to make it clear that this is a new doc., and not just something
dredged up from the past. The idea of a title change is a lot harder to swallow. First because I have had to fight and win some pretty intense
battles [ against Zionists] to maintain that title, and second because a significant amount of marketing is already invested in that title -
3780  links on a Google search for "Vietnam: American Holocaust", now the publicity form the KPFK fund drive, and also I've spent the last couple week setting up

There is no question about removing the charge that Vietnam was an American holocaust from the content. I certainly think I've made the
case and I've had no problem making that point even with McCain supporter types after they've seen the film. The problem is getting them to see it.

So I'm looking for feedback on the idea of a title change, as well as suggestion for an alternative title. On alternative I came up with last night is "Before Iraq there was Vietnam". And below is a graphic I wiped up in the middle of the night.


I'm sure the goal of your powerful film is to enlighten new audiences to the horrors of Vietnam and its direct relevance to Iraq. However, the name "American Holocaust," though appropriate, will turn away those viewers who you are most trying to reach -- conservatives or moderates who believe this idea that America can do no wrong. The word Holocaust is so incendiary many will turn away and dismiss your film as propaganda without ever watching it. You need a name that will draw these viewers first - then they will be hard pressed to deny the true history.

I wish I had some name ideas, but I'm at a loss. It's a fine line you need to walk. The name and cover art (very good by the way) are number one in finding an audience.

Thanks for your all your hard work constructing this amazing and moving documentary.



I caught this story on my Public Access channel less than an hour ago. Although it was well into the story by the time I stumbled onto it, the acts of indiscriminate killings and comments by military war leaders who commanded soldiers to kill everyone, the amount of bombs and poisons dropped from the air, the destruction of food supplies and water sources; what happened indeed was a holocaust. While I was watching that is just what came to my mind. It is an accurate description.

I did not know these things had happened in the Vietnam war. I'm shocked and profoundly saddened at what I saw. I'm going to buy the DVD and show it to my entire family.

It's no wonder Vietnam vets are so disturbed and were treated so poorly when they returned. I'm guessing the media was much more responsible and reported what was really happening over there. Everyone here must have known what had been done. The perpetrators of that war should have been criminally indicted.

THANK YOU, for making this documentary.

I agree with "Naw," the name hits hard, and it should.
Calling it what is was is an important political act.
The invasion wasn't a "mistake" or just a tragedy for U.S. citizens who lost loved ones, it was the destruction of a country.
Some people won't want to hear that and will turn away from the DVD. But they weren't going to watch it anyway unless it was titled "The U.S. Liberation of Vietnam" or some other delusion.
I just called into a talk show "Action Point with Cynthia Black" on , and I mentioned your film.
Simply saying the title has an impact on our perceptions of that assault, and it revives the actual history.

Also, there are problems with the alternative title "Before Iraq there was Vietnam." In a few years when we're bombing Iran or Venezuela or another country that doesn't obey the empire's orders, then the film will seem dated.

Zionists should not have a monopoly on this potent word.
Another film could be made about "Central America: American Holocaust."
The use of the term "holocaust" may very well bring all sorts of publicity that will help get the film circulating.

Kind Regards,

Like the Buddha said "first thought, best thought," yeah I wouldn't worry about it, Vietnam was horrific, and I think the title hits as hard as it needs to.